The Past - Reflection

This week is a quick blog to try to help you understand that the past matters, however the time is always now.

It is good to reflect on the past, it gives reference to what you have done and where you have been. It provides retrospect, and with some thought, perspective on how we ended up where we are now. My challenge to you is to view your past as a window into what has been, what was, what used to be, not what has to be. Make peace with the bad relationship with parents, friends, bosses, relatives, and yes, money. It is not that important who is at fault, whether you or something else, it is not worth dwelling on whether forgiveness is given or not. However, you should make the effort to make amends with those people, regardless of fault.


You see, you have to free yourself from the past so that your energy can be put into something else. As the Personal Economy Coach, I encourage you to look at your past relationships with money and finances. “My parents never taught me to save money”, “we never talked about finances at our table”, “I didn't have anything growing up, now I'm going to get everything”, or “Money is just evil”. Many of you will fit into a few of these statements, and if it reflects your mindset, acknowledge it, and understand that your time is now, not then.

Decision - The Cut Off

You must decide on what will rule and guide your life. Yes, you get to decide. The root of the word means “to cut off or cut away from”. In other words, you can cut off from that history and start something new. You can be the person that learns about money and finances. You can be the person that have conversations with your kids at the table on finances. You need only to cut away from the past trend, past event, past mindset and start something new now.

Start Something New

In closing, if you need money coaching to begin something new now, your Personal Economy Coach is here to help. Once we find the underlying issue you may have, we address it and use this time in your life to start something new. I help you to understand why owning a small business is the best thing you can do for your finances. Your time is now for a new start, decide not to let your past be your present.

Until we meet again, "Be your own boss and take control of your financial destiny. Where you go from here, is always up to you".

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